Welcome to Lansing, Michigan!

About Lansing

Located in the heart of Michigan between Detroit and Grand Rapids, Lansing in nestled along the banks of the Grand River. The city spans approximately 36 square miles and stretches across Eaton, Clinton, and Ingham Counties, though it primarily covers Ingham County. It is the only capitol city in the United States that does not also serve as the county seat of the county in which it is located. Though Detroit originally served as the state capitol, Lansing was named as the new capitol city in 1847 in order to maintain some distance from the Canadian border and because it was more centrally located in the state. Lansing became an important industrial center for the country during the Industrial Revolution as a manufacturer for automobiles and parts, among other industries. Since then, the city has grown to a population of nearly 115,000 and its economy has expanded to include a diverse array of industries in healthcare, education, and government.

Things to Do in Lansing